Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Desktop CNC Routers New for 2017 - Techno HD II Tabletop CNC

New HDII Industrial Quality Low-Cost Tabletop Desktop CNC Router for wood, plastic, foam, composites and aluminum

Desktop CNC Router Best for Production or Education easily transportable with optional safety enclosure equipped with a 24”x36” process area, vacuum T-slot work surface and vacuum generator.

Just released for 2017 Techno’s newest addition to its family of CNC manufacturing equipment is the HDII tabletop / desktop CNC router that cuts with the same accuracy and efficiency as larger format routers for wood, plastic, foam, composites and aluminum.

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Friday, January 27, 2017

New Servo Upgrade for Techno HD and HD-II CNC Routers

New Servo Upgrade option for HD and HD-II CNC Routers

Techno is proud to announce that an AC Servo Upgrade option is available on their HD and HD-II model CNC Routers. These new servo motors provide smooth continuous motion at higher speeds in excess of 1500 inches per minute. These new 750 watt AC Servo motors deliver more power, speed, and greater resolution to the performance of the machines.

Please Call 631-648-7481
For more info http://www.technocnc.com/cnc-router-systems/hd-series-cnc-router.htm
For more info http://www.technocnc.com/cnc-router-systems/HD-II.htm

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Used LC Plus 4x8 CNC Router for Sale with Coolant System

Used Techno LC Plus Series 4896 ATC CNC Router with Coolant System
Price is $21,500 Mint Condition, FOB Arizona, Sold As Is and Where Is

Please Call 631-648-7481
For more info http://www.technocnc.com/cnc-router-systems/deals.htm

Thursday, December 15, 2016

15 days left for CNC Year end deals for 2016 Tax Incentives

Techno CNC Systems CNC Router Blog: CNC Router Tax Credit 2016: Techno CNC Machines in...: CNC Router Tax Credit 2016 - Techno CNC Machines in Stock Ready to Ship. Lower the True Cost of Purchasing your Business Equipment:  Call 631-648-7481

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

CNC Routers CNC Plasmas CNC Lasers for All Applications - Techno CNC Sys...

Learn about Techno CNC Systems. See how Techno offers, CNC machines for all manufacturing shops, from one-man small businesses, to CNC education technology, and high production facilities.