Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tip of the Week • Show Us Your Stuff!!!!

Every Techno CNC router comes with an amazing amount of creative potential already installed. Just like you!

Some users make endless amounts of cabinet pieces, some make orthotics, and some make signs. But the truth is, everyone makes something special. We are constantly amazed at what our users are creating on their Techno CNC’s. You see, we’re a group of engineers, software experts, and some of us are even total egg-heads! We don’t always see the creative potential we install into every machine, but you guys do. And for that, we want to thank you.

We want to see your cabinets, your orthotics, your signs, heck, we want to see everything Techno your doing.

That’s why we started our Facebook page. We want you to share what your doing with the world. We encourage everyone to post pictures of their work, because if your interested in what you create, there’s about 9 million other people who are just as interested, and want to see it, too.

And for this reason alone, we’re building a community on Facebook, and we want you as our neighbor! So c’mon, post something and upload a photo so we can all see your work !!!!!!!

Click Here to Upload your Photo!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Customer Spotlight!!!

This week we are featuring Grant Nicholson in our Customer Spotlight post!

After Working for over 20 years as a graphic designer, Grant Nicholson decided he was tired of working in the virtual world. He wanted to find a tool that could turn his design concepts into real world objects, and a cnc router fit the bill perfectly! His decision led him to purchase our Techno LC series cnc router.

Nicholson says that the LC series has helped him “Rise to the cream of the crop in the sign business in my region” This is due to the ability to produce complex 3d designs that his competitors can't match. He also produces a wide range of woodworking products, including wood floor inlays and newels for stair-posts.

“My Techno router pays for itself every year by increasing the quality of my work, and reducing the amount of time to produce it” He also confesses that “I think of the router as a virtual chisel, and sometimes I stay awake at night thinking about it's endless possibilities!”

“The Techno router has many diverse possibilities that help me supply virtually anything my customers can imagine,” Nicholson concluded. "Advancements in software, coupled with these devices, offer an unprecedented opportunity for the creative designer to produce their ideas in full dimension, in house. It has been a great adventure understanding the broad capabilities of this machine and I continue to discover new possibilities on a regular basis."

Grant is featured in the January, 2013 issue of "Sign Media Canada" You can check out his amazing work at

Congratulations Grant! You deserve it!!!

If you are interested in being our next "Customer Spotlight" you can contact us here

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tip of the Week • Tool Height during Pause

You can set a height that the tool will retract to during a pause.

Just check on “Z pause retract relative” and put a number in for the distance in the “Setup > Software Switches” menu.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Facebook and Twitter!!

 Techno Has Gone Social!

 Techno CNC Routers is now on Facebook and Twitter!
Facebook and Twitter are a great resource for you to get up to date information on everything Techno CNC!
Our Tech Support monitors our social media, and this is a very quick way to get in touch with our guys!
We are also encouraging everyone to post images of the work you do, on your Techno CNC of course, to the Facebook page. Were hoping to build a huge, live gallery, of our Techno families and the work they do!

So come on, give us a like!

  Techno CNC Router Systems

Friday, January 11, 2013

Techno Customer Receives his 4th Techno HDS CNC Router for their High Volume Plastics Routing Production

Techno is proud to announce the completion of it's fourth machine installation into a large volume plastics production company.

Due to the high level security and product classification, we cannot divulge who the customer is but would like to congratulate them on their vast growth and success during the past several years.

The customer is happy to report that they plan on adding two more new HDS machines this year taking advantage of the 2013 section 179 tax law. The customer claims they will be able to write off 50% of many types of capital investments exceeding the deduction limit in the first year.

This special provision was going to expire on 12/31/12, but Congress extended it. Furthermore, the definition of "qualifying assets" will continue to include computer software in 2013, as the new legislation extended this piece of Section 179 for one year.

The company claims the new tax law will save them over $40,000 by adding the additional machines. They are also forecasting a 25% growth this year, and don't see any slow down in the near or distant future.

Another great example of Small Investments producing Big Returns!

Colfax High School!

We were recently sent a video from Jonathan from Colfax High School in CA. Jonathan teaches math, as well as woodshop. They're creating a pair of skis from start to finish, using their Techno lc 3024. Great work guys!!!
We love to see what everyone's making with a Techno.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tip of the Week • New Machines Catalog!

We have just released our New Machines Catalog!!!

Check out our new line of All-steel, Heavy-Duty CNC Processing Centers! Trade in’s welcome.

Get your NEW Techno Machines Catalog HERE!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tip of the Week • Configuring the Origin

Using the Techno LC Series model CNC Interface … You can move the machine to the spot where your file will start from by selecting “Origin” in the “Goto” menu.

This is a good way to make sure you’re starting in the right place.